Introducing adversarial examples in deep learning vision models

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We have seen the advent of state-of-the-art (SOTA) deep learning models for computer vision ever since we started getting bigger and better compute (GPUs and TPUs), more data (ImageNet etc.) and easy to use open-source software and tools (TensorFlow and PyTorch). Every year (and now every few months!) we see…

A comprehensive hands-on guide to TensorFlow Serving


Thanks to faster compute, better storage and easy to use software, deep learning based solutions are definitely seeing the light of the day coming out from the proof-of-concept tunnel into the real-world! We are seeing widespread adoption of deep learning models across diverse domains in the industry including healthcare, finance…


Classifying Radio-Telescope Signals from SETI with Deep Learning

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Welcome (or welcome back!) to the AI for social good series! …

AI for Social Good Series — Part 2.1

Understanding Radio-Telescope Signal Data from SETI

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In this two-part series of articles, we will look at how Artificial intelligence (AI) coupled with the power of open-source tools and frameworks can be used to solve a very interesting problem in a non-conventional domain — the quest for finding extra-terrestrial intelligence!

Perhaps many of you are already familiar…

Explainable Artificial Intelligence

Interpreting Convolutional Neural Network Models built with TensorFlow

What does a deep learning model really see?


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is no longer a field restricted only to research papers and academia. Businesses and organizations across diverse domains in the industry are building large-scale applications powered by AI. The questions to think about here would be, “Do we trust decisions made by AI models?” and “How does…

AI for Social Good Series— Part 1

AI for Social Good — A Healthcare Case Study

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The content for this article has been adapted from my own article published previously in


Welcome to the AI for Social Good Series, where we will be focusing on different aspects of how Artificial Intelligence (AI) coupled with popular open-source tools, technologies and frameworks are being used for development…

Data Analysis & Visualization at Scale on Semi-structured Data

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One of the most popular and effective enterprise case-studies which leverage analytics today is log analytics. Almost every small and big organization today have multiple systems and infrastructure running day in and day out. To effectively keep their business running, organizations need to know if their infrastructure is performing to…

A guide to the less desirable aspects of deep learning environment configurations

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Thanks to cheaper and bigger storage we have more data than what we had a couple of years back. We do owe our thanks to Big Data no matter how much hype it has created. However, the real MVP here is faster and better computing ,which made papers from the…

Data Science Strategic Guide — Part 1

Take your Data Science Projects from Zero to Production


The ‘Data Science Strategic Guide — Get Smarter with Data Science’ is envisioned as a series of articles, which serve to be more of a strategic guide depicting essential challenges, pitfalls and principles to keep in mind when implementing and executing data science projects in the real-world. We will also…

Explainable Artificial Intelligence (Part 3)

A comprehensive guide to interpreting machine learning models


Interpreting Machine Learning models is no longer a luxury but a necessity given the rapid adoption of AI in the industry. This article in a continuation in my series of articles aimed at ‘Explainable Artificial Intelligence (XAI)’. The idea here is to cut through the hype and enable you with…

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